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We design high-performance biogas plants with an excellent cost-performance ratio. Professionally and functionally planned, the plants we design are constructed according to industrial standards, fulfilling all requirements. High degradation rates, as well as correct plant operation and maintenance, guarantee a high yield of usable energy and ensure that no unpleasant odors arise.
In particular, we also help existing biogas plants improve their performance by actions such as raising their organic matter degradation rate, leading to an increased methane yield.

A proper pre-acidification/hydrolysis of the input material is an essential prerequisite for a good operation and optimum performance of any biogas plant.

The biogas plants operate for the food industry, agriculture, and municipal facilities. Distiller`s wash, pulp, fruit and vegetable leftovers can be used as mono- and co-substrates.
More than 25 years of operational experience has taught us many effective strategies to maintain low costs while ensuring high productivity and earnings. For example, we have learned the benefits of constructing biogas plants directly beside the heat consumers (e.g. factories or residential buildings). Short distances and a complete use of energy guarantee economic efficiency, without disturbances to the environment.

Indien 2G10021525Biogasanlage mitten im Ort

Our biogas plant designs are always integrated into the existing structural and operational infrastructure. The existing infrastructure for a biogas plant can be reused and upgraded! The following photos show the improvement in part of the biogas plant Möckern.


moeckern vorhermoeckern nachher 

                        Before                                                                 After