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Do you have to accept an inadequate performance of your biogas plant forever?

The answer is a clear NO! The reasons for poor or “standard” performance of a biogas plant are mostly homemade, caused by low quality, unplanned designs and an inadequate operation, causing a deficient degradation process. These and other problems can be solved by improving the biogas plant by following operational guidelines and including a pre-fermentation hydrolysis phase.

In recent years, with the big boom of the EEG (Renewable Energy Source Act or “Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz” in German), many one-phase standard plants were installed. In the meantime, many operators have realized that their biogas plant provided only a "standard" performance.

As long as the feedstocks´ costs were low, the biogas plants´ owners were satisfied. If the amount of biogas was not enough, a simple “solution” was to feed "a shovel more". But this "extra shovel" can threaten the economic existence of many biogas plants by the increased costs of agricultural feedstocks.

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