Based on over 25 years of experience in machinery and plant engineering, as well as the regular participation in advanced training courses, we are well-qualified to perform service and security inspections according to §16 BetrSichV (German Industrial Safety Ordinance) and/or §29a BImSchG (German Federal Emission Control Act).

If parts subject to inspection are changed at plants, we also perform the tests for acceptance before authorizing the machinery, enforcing §15 BetrSichV.

We provide operator training courses according to TRGS 529 (German Technical Rules for Operation Safety). For this, we organize a visit to your plant and instruct your staff on-site, no matter if there are one or ten participants.
The training will be related specifically to your plant and held at the plant itself, therefore no travel or accommodation costs for your staff are necessary.

Of course, we advise on all aspects to develop the necessary safety concepts and specified procedures.


For more information, please see the following PDF files:

>>Qualification training courses for operators according to TRGS 529<<

>>Safety-related inspection according to §16 BetrSichV or §29a BImSchG<<

>>Information sheet for preparing safety-related Inspections <<

>>Information sheet for documentation<<

>>Information sheet for explosion protection in CHP operating rooms<<

>>Information sheet about lightning protection for biogas plants<<

>>Stefan Reitbergers’s qualifications as a qualified person according to TRBS 1203 and as a §29 BImSchG inspector<<

>>Anselm Gleixner’s qualifications as a qualified person according to TRBS 1203<<


A final comment regarding the plant security under the water act:

In Germany, with the implementation of the standard AwSV (Ordinance on Installations for the Handling of Water-Hazardous Substances) in 2017 and the TRwS 792, the regulations for JGS facilities (manure and silage effluent installations) in August 2018, some duties for water protection have been added to biogas plant operators , For example, the encircling of above-ground storage tanks, the periodic inspection every 5 years and the training obligation for plant operators.

We ourselves don’t carry out examinations and trainings according to AwSV, but we would like to refer you to the competent expert office SVJS. Please address any questions regarding water rights directly to Mrs. Jutta Schumacher.