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We can advise you in all matters concerning biogas technology, especially if things are not going as desired with your biogas plant.


A carefully planned biogas plant will lead to a more economical and safer operation.

In the early stage of a project, all basic conditions for the operation of the biogas plant should be identified and specified.

The planning of a biogas plant must always be adapted to the requirements of the owner, user, and operator. A "standard biogas plant" will only have a "standard performance" (!)

The performance of a biogas plant is determined primarily by the amount, type and composition of the input substrates, and secondarily by the type of technology used. Therefore, it is important to firstly determine, calculate and plan an adequate quality and quantity of feedstock.

As independent planners and advisers, we do not have specific supplier or manufacturers’ interests in mind. This leads us to always find an optimal and personalized solution for our client.

Tell us what you want to digest in your biogas plant, we will be happy to provide a non-binding estimation of the substrate`s potential. Please use the checklist form, which is for download here as a PDF file.

In many cases, the elaboration of a feasibility study as a first planning step is highly recommended in order to specify the essential framework to design an appropriate system, to determine the expected (total) costs and to make an economic analysis before the final project will be started.
This helps to ensure the best possible planning reliability.


For more information, please see the following PDF files:

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